Friday, 3 September 2010

A visit to Ashdale Alpacas

The eye cream seems to have cleared up Greeves eye immediately - no runny eye this morning!  He was also a little bit livelier which is good.  We popped over to Irene and Si's (Ashdale Alpacas) this evening when Sam came back from school and left him to weigh Greeves but he couldn't catch him which was an excellent sign!  While Sam was running round the field we were enjoying Irene's very lovely cake.  Her own recipe I think and containing quantities of beer.  Carl totally ignored my Look which tried to convey, "No you must not have another slice, you've nearly eaten it all!"  I had a lovely picture to show you of Irene operating her wool winder but sadly there was something totally inappropriate in the background so it cannot be put on the blog!  She has knitted a fantastic jacket type thing involving multitudes of needles - in return I presented her with one pair of gloves which require 'finishing'.

We had a quick look at some very lovely cria and work on the barn.  They are making great strides forward. Carl then discovered their books and started borrowing them so I had to take him away.

Carl giggled all the way home over Si's joke - - -
A big game Hunter came across a little boy standing by a very large dead elephant.  The Hunter said,  "What on earth did you manage to kill that with?"  The boy replied "Oh, it was just me and my club"  The hunter said, "It must have been a very big club!"  The boy replied, "There's about 300 of us"!!!

Sam's first day back at school was 'okay' - that seems to be about all he can remember about it!


  1. I told Irene she should have got dressed whe se knew you were coming over.


  2. Oh! my goodnes Rosemary, you may have started something now.......Elephant jokes.....!
    Why are elephants always first in the swimming pool?
    Because thy already have their trunks on......!

    How do you get four elephants in a mini?
    Two in the front and two in the back..!
    How do you get four giraffe in a mini?
    You can't...There are four elephants in their are already.....!
    Yes....I know...Don't give up the day job....! :)

  3. Sounds like a fun day :-)

    I am glad that Greeves's eye is better. It does work quickly doesn't it. I have an order in for some Filta Bac as you recommended. I do like lotions and potions in stock!