Saturday, 11 September 2010

All Go!

I was so overwhelmed by boxes, tangled up knitting, rosette conversations that the blog didn't get written last night.  When I finally reached bed in the early hours I was shattered which led to a late bottle for Greeves.  Carl was up early to get on with his fencing but he thought I had already done the bottle and returned to bed.

We got through lots of body scoring, spit offs and, unfortunately, a remating.  Carolyn sat which was not expected.  Lina, however, did spit violently at Dude - the poor boy was quite flustered!  This evening the Shepherd came over to tell Sam he could go and choose his sheep tomorrow.  He also had a look at our sheep and pronounced Teddy, "A good Doer" and Stumpy a little on the large side!

The weather was good all day as you can see from the sky.
We had several visitors besides the Shepherd so it has been a busy day and we need to have an earlier night as a lot is happening tomorrow!

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