Sunday, 19 September 2010

A little more on the GWR!

I have to confess that I was up late this morning.  It has been a very hectic few days.  Friday was setting up for the GWR show and I was surprised at how smoothly it all went despite having so much to do.  We had been invited to a 50th Golden Wedding Celebration  in the evening and we did not think we would be able to make it - but we did and it was a lovely evening which ended with a really professional slide show of the lovely couple in action!  Lovely food and I took a long time looking at the bride's wedding dress which was beautiful.  We had to rush away at the end due to an early start on Saturday morning but again it all went smoothly,  The show itself was very, very good.  I was surrounded by boxes all day but still managed to listen to most of the judging and the comments were so helpful.  What really made it all come to life for me was that the judge handed round fleece samples to illustrate his points.  Waiting for the results was nerve racking - you didn't know if yours was first or not placed at all!  Even we didn't know as, although we opened the envelopes of those that didn't win as soon as that class was judged, we just pinned them on the boxes and didn't have time to read them.  I was so proud when Lily won first in the white junior suris - I thought I would burst.  It was a real struggle to not cry and I was shaking like a leaf waiting for the judge to open the envelope.  His comments were just lovely but I wished I could have written them down so I could remember exactly what he said.  It was all good though and I raced home when I got back to tell her - she was not impressed!  This morning I tried to pin the rosette on her and get a photo but she wasn't very cooperative!

Then came the real shock.  I knew we had entered Emily obviously but at the start of the show the judge had moved a few round that were in the wrong colour class.  I entered Emily in the cream class and of course had no idea if she was still in it or had been moved.  So. he judged that class and the winning boxes were all lined up on the table.  Then he did his comments and then read out the 2nd to 5th names - Emily wasn't there so I thought she either wasn't a winner or maybe, with luck, had been moved and still stood a chance.  Just have to wait for the fawn classes.  The rest of the creams were judged and then they did the colour champion with all the firsts.  I was busy moving boxes so only listened with half an ear as I was sure she could not have got a first.  She did!!  Emily got first place!  I was then really flustered and nearly put the next class out before the judge was ready.  Dear little Emily!  My blood pressure was sky high at this point!

How the judge managed to keep going all day is beyond me - and he was really thorough throughout.  Lunchtime brought a talk from The Natural Fibre Company.  I could only listen to the first half as I had to get some lunch but what I did hear was very interesting and has given me some new yarn ideas.  I only managed a quick look at the trade stands but have made some useful contacts for later on - and I really want one of Oaklyn's pillows, that will be on my Christmas present list.

Today we have been 'recovering' which really means not achieving very much at all!  I spent ages trying to get Emily and Lily to pose beautifully for the blog but all they wanted to do was eat their rosettes or stamp on them.  They are also filthy from rain, mud rolling and hay - so this is the best I could do!  Why is it other people's alpacas stand there looking clean and proud of their award?  Here is Lily, minus her rosette which fell off -
And above are Lily and Emily who both turned their backs on me with their rosettes on the wrong side!


  1. Congratulations all sound very exciting...I am already a Dom fan so know how good he is...only well deserved rosettes from him!

  2. Well done all of you. I can imagine how excited you were!

  3. Well done to the whole Aylett family. You along with the rest of the organisers of the GWR show did a great job!

  4. Grey haired neighbour19 September 2010 at 23:22

    Well done, Lily and Emily.
    The pictures seem to suggest that they've eaten their rosettes!

  5. You all did a wonderful job - and congratulations and your success.