Thursday, 16 September 2010

All boxed in!

We are in box land at the moment.  The house has been full of boxes, it has been constant twilight here as the boxes cover the windows, the truck is full of boxes, the stock trailer is full of boxes.  I never want to see another box again!  They are all ready to go to the Great Western Region Alpaca Fleece and Fibre Show tomorrow when we will be setting up and transferring the fleece into them.  We have just finished getting them all into the trailer ready for an early start in the morning.
Sam has been given a day leave from school to help with the set up but in return he has to write an article for the school newsletter about the show - complete with picture.  This he is not terribly excited about!
In amongst the mayhem Si from Ashdale Alpacas popped over to show us a ball of their wool just back from the mill - lovely and should be on sale very soon.  Irene has entrusted me with the task of knitting some gloves from it, a job I shall be taking very seriously but not starting until Sunday as the next few days will be manic.  Actually, Si didn't drive all the way from Devon just to show me one of his balls; he had to pick up something from Sturminster.  He also brought over the most gorgeous, soft jacket Irene has knitted from our wool but I forgot to photograph it and he took it away again!  I'll get a photo soon.  Then I had to race down and do the church window with Mum as this is the only chance we had before Harvest - will probably have to tidy it up on Saturday, or Mum will as I will be running round in a white coat!
Now I have to go and get this microphone thing checked over again and packed up - all very exciting/nerve wracking!


  1. The box lady that is often talking about balls (of wool of course)

  2. Whoops! Just reread what I wrote!!