Monday, 6 September 2010

A bit of a drip

It was very fortunate that I managed to get all the paddocks cleaned up this morning as later in the day the rain became torrential - wind was also fierce at the top of first field - quite calm at the bottom!  Here are Belinda and Barry Norton in a beautifully clean field - before the heavens opened.

Before the rain came I also spent some time peering at Bert's ears, trying to see if I am imagining the hair growth.
Unfortunately, in the photo above, she would not prick her ears up - but I am hopeful still.  Greeves retreated to the shed as soon as the first spot of rain hit him and remained there chewing all the hay he possibly could  while I sat in the Mule with all doors firmly closed,, knitting.  Sam is in trouble tonight though, as I think it must have been him who has picked the plastic stuff off a couple of little screw holes in the roof and now cold drips fall on me periodically.

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  1. You can keep that weather....I don't want it...the alpacas look content. I bet my lot will be wanting in...tomorrow...the rain is on its way up north !.......Jayne