Friday, 1 October 2010

Rain and wind

A sort of paperwork day today - and very wet.  High winds last night and there was a tree down across the road up through Bryanston into Blandford.  One tree had also come down in first field but it was quite small and we propped it back up again so it might recover.
All animals were totally drenched, as are all humans!  Despite the rain, Bert still fancied a bit of a neck rub which was probably more enjoyable for her than it was for me as she made me exceedingly wet.  I am pretty sure that she is holding her pregnancy as the cuddles are now only when she wants them - she is a little different personality wise to most alpacas!  It was far too wet today for any photos so here is one from a couple of days ago of Bert reclining.  Caroline is at the front and, yes, she is still a little on the hefty side!

It is soon time for the ram to come to call and Sam is quite excited about that.  I don't know how my sheep will get on; they too are fairly large as you can see from Stumpy.

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  1. My sheep are a little on the 'lardy' side too. they will be off on their winter holidays soon, Paul calls it 'Ram'berling!!