Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Library van visit

A very busy day today as along with the anuimals I had to fit in a quick run down to the library van.  Several people there today - it's a very useful service - and cakes!  On the way back I was suprised to see around 20 people in the chrchyard eating their sandwiches and enjoying the view.  Then, when I got onto the cut, I was met by The Grey Haired Neighbour who kindly gave me a lift the rest of the way.  I was very grateful for that as it is quite a pull up the hill with a bag full of books!

Sam is now pestering me for something called a set of handwarmers for his quad.  Carl has suggested he makes them out of cut up plastic milk cartons and I have offered to knit him something - he is not impressed!!

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