Sunday, 17 October 2010

On my own

A solitary day for me today - no Mule, no Carl and Sam.

The Mule is very sick of course . . .
I am going to try to find the thing you put down your sock which tells you how far you have walked - that should be interesting!
The Shepherd was rounding some of his sheep up this afternoon with the dogs.  I find it quite incredible how he does it and I had to sit in the field and watch for a while - Caedmon also found it very interesting and stood at the top of his paddock staring intently.

Carl and Sam have been down in Devon helping Si and Irene put up their barn.  I phoned Carl earlier and he said they had finished one layer of blocks which didn't sound much to me but he said it is all in the preparation - I hope Irene is cracking that whip hard enough!

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