Saturday, 9 October 2010

The Hunt

The Hunt was out this morning and the alpacas spent the time in a state of nervous tension!  The boys gathered their sheep together at the top of their paddock and kept guard throughout - how they get those sheep so organised I just do not know.  Even little Pugsly and Two Tone just stand there next to Caedmon waiting to be told all is safe again!

The girls did a lot of whinnying - especially when the dogs and some of the riders got into third field.  In fact Prue was on edge for most of the day and in the afternoon, when the hunt were long gone, started setting off a panic alarm when she saw a glimpse of the Shepherd's sheep through the hedge. 

The SFS came round his morning and brought a pretty impressive delivery with them - more news on that tomorrow.  They did complain it was cold here but as male SFS was wearing shorts and a t shirt I did not take a lot of notice of that.  It appears he is now setting up as a dressage instructor which seemed an unlikely role but he has always been a keen horse man, particularly with the spectacular rides available to him from his woodland home with adjacent holiday cottage (!!

This afternoon Carl carried on constructing the new chicken house whilst I sorted more fleece.  All girls now appear to be pregnant and holding their pregnancies except for Sherbert and I think I may have to wait until spring with her.  Prue is having a rest year so she hasn't been mated.

Sam went off to do some gardening in the village this morning and then went to Granny's to do something for her (that seemed to involve eating a lot of biscuits and walking the dog).

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