Saturday, 23 October 2010

Mend the Mule Day?

As expected, Mend the Mule Day didn't proceed very far.
It was really windy this morning - torrential rain last night - so no T-shirt today Jayne!  This morning even the garden seat took flight and sailed across the lawn.  Carl and Sam went off first thing with the old car on the trailer for a trip to the scrap yard - it was closed!  They'd all gone off shooting for the day!  They then went into Blandford where Sam purchased a packet of screws and a very smart JCB jacket which looked brand new but was only £3 in the charity shop - he's very proud of it. The search for parts for the Mule amounted to a dead end but a lead for Monday so that was the end of that for the day.

Carl then set to banging in fence posts for the neighbour whilst I continued my poo collecting which takes forever without the Mule.  Had to be cleared well though as tomorrow morning we have lambivac injections to do and a trip out later on - so long as Sam is back by then.  He went to Granny's this morning and phoned just now to say he was staying down there for the night - she has a better television and is a better cook!

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