Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The Glorious Fifth!

A lovely sunny day today.  For alpaca drying it  was very near absolutely perfect.  Our newly actioned electric fence planning works but Sam made appeal that please the current and power turned down as a pain from a shock very nerve wracking.  Have been fraught, road-accident chicken died in night.  It was probably best.  We have been busy, I had to do knitting under last knitting orders from Irene.  Night starting drawing in helps the knitting!  I also have council tax to sort, was planning to update you on . . .

On to Glorious tenth now!  Not the best name, Officer, for a dog - Sunday was animal service at church and noone was called that.   There were dogs there and their owners, good thing our cats didn't go- preferring an agricultural to a church environment.  Now, back to my knitting consultant and get orders - Si (Ashdale) over today but we were too occupied to remember to give him the knitting.  There it lies, forlorn but completed in all its' splendour on, or perhaps I should say, draping rather elegantly across, one table.  One good spit off performed yesterday and that side (back to fifth) sorted, of course.  I hope all the girls are holding.  The table is loaded with records with vets coming chatting with us during the next week.  On another subject little Greeves, the bottle-fed cria is with  other cria more, thank goodness.  A week ago he was lone sight in the field.  Woman passing by the gate from the road were often the very first to stop.  Ramblers like to look, even sat by the native hedge on picnic chairs to watch.  "Her down hill" as my own Mum is sometimes known at the moment really likes the walk up hill to end with a spot of the alpaca watching.  I held council when she jokingly, laughing made the sensible suggestion of several drawings being made as interesting Christmas cards.  My first comments were,a good idea, although I did think that they might not stand still.  Did, I think, to me seem a good plan and to work well with Mum's display talents!  It has been a crazy day today and certain degree of weariness and apathy has overcome us and towards an evening sun set the effort of keeping alert whole day does seem a thing of immense, miraculous achievement.  The idea of becoming a rambler like a very nice lady I met earlier who was just relaxed, smiley and very keen on walking and happy seemed very, very appealing and relaxing.  Now I have enjoyed a good bath once the baby had been fed, alpacas checked!!!

So that is the end of the glorious fifth/tenth - the title must mean something or I am going round the bend.  Very tiring but okay.  Now we just have to wait, more news when we get some.
Oh, and back to normality, great excitement for Sam down the cut last night as there was a car on its bonnet and the breakdown lorry pulling it out - no one hurt I am pleased to say (except the car of course)!
Photos tomorrow to make up for this drivel!!!!!!

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  1. Drivel....Drivel.....I don't think so Rosemary, always look forward to reading your Blog, makes me feel as though l'm there with you...And what a great place Dorset is, as we can see with your photos. Gods own...Lovely. :).