Monday, 25 October 2010

An Alpaca Day Out

Sam has been in charge today - and a very good job he made of things - even a bit of nettle trimming thrown in!  Granny popped up and got roped into feeding him and then escaped to make more sketches of the alpacas.
So where were we?
Firstly, we made a whistle stop trip over to Ashton Lane Alpacas were we revelled in beautiful suris and talked wool (even Carl is becoming quite knowledgeable on knitting now - despite the fact that he cannot knit!).  We then did battle with the Sat Nav as we made our way to Easterwood Alpaca Stud.  We had been promising ourselves a trip over there for ages but there hadn't been an opportunity up until now.  I can honestly say we were completely blown away by what they have there.  We were so impressed with their crop of cria.  Sadly, young Navigator was sold - someone is a very lucky new owner of that one.  Now, I have forgotten the name of the next cria we saw but I have never seen one that colour - glorious!  A sort of peachy fawn and stunning crimp literally everywhere.  That is not to even begin to mention their up and coming stud.  We were so bowled over time was whizzing by!  Jeff and Sheila are always so welcoming and their log cabin was a real palace (lovely bit of tiling Jeff!).  We talked and talked alpacas and then Sheila brought out the knitting - really impressive and not surprising it is selling so well.  The online shop should be good when it is up and running.  It was a real effort to tear ourselves away but we really had to in the end and, after a debate over M3 or M4 (it was M3 in the end) we wended our way home - a very satisfying day!
I think the photos recording  the visit  are crying out for captions - -

Particularly this one where Jeff appears to have had quite enough of us for one day,  "GET OFF MY LAND!!"


  1. Its always lovely to have a good alpaca rummage and admire....the good company..sounds like a great day out, not to mention the knitting.......Jayne

  2. We did enjoy the day! Good to see you both and glad you got back safely.