Thursday, 28 October 2010

Teeth, yet again!

Yes - back to the grim world of dentists for me!  I had two days of intense pain which culminated yesterday in bouts of crying, curling up in bed and wandering distractedly about the field brandishing the poo shovel and collecting nothing.  Following far too many paracetamol than can be good for one person, Yesterday afternoon I phoned the dentist and begged him to see me.  Today he did.  He drilled, he poked and he injected.  I loved that injection - no pain for a good two hours!!  Sadly pain returned but I am now on a pain break as miraculously, following a painful bowl of soup - the pain has gone.  I am typing this with my head held very still in the hope that the pain will stay away.

My plea to all my readers today is - look after your teeth!  I want no-one, not even the people I am not terribly fond of, to suffer this agony.

Back to alpacas.  The girls now have a new field shelter which they are already very fond of.  Carolyn is now in with Lina and seems to be taking over top dog spot.  Lina is a bit put out by this and got quite annoyed this afternoon when I was giving Little Star a neck rub.  She jumped on her and chased her away and then came and stood by me as if to say, "I'm the important one here!"

Now the pain is returning and Sam has just come in to say two chickens are not in bed - Carl is moaning that the torch has gone missing!


  1. Cheer up Rosemary.....Come on now......
    I went to the dentist last week.....My teeth
    were fine.....BUT....My gums had to come out...!
    Felt a little down in the mouth.
    A little drop of 12yr old port will do the trick and take the pain away...! :)

  2. Poor you. I hope you get that tooth sorted out soon...I thought it was whiskey for toothache Willie!

  3. Sadly, I'm on antibiotics - no drink!!!

  4. I hope you are feeling better soon and the chickens turned up - Paul lost one of mine last weekend when I left him in chrage for one day!!! He didn't shut them in so wasn't popular.