Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Quentin Tarantino at work

Another nice sunny day today but it is definitely colder - the body warmer remained firmly on, all day.  I had to do a bit of trimming under the electric fence as the grass was beginning to touch it in places and, I don't know how it happened as I was watching the alpacas whilst cutting, somehow I managed to cut the electric wire in half.  Carl was a bit annoyed about this but all he did to fix it was tie a knot so not such a disaster after all.  Some of the girls were in quite a sprightly mood.  Here are Velocette, Barnaby and Barry with Greeves just out of the picture leading the way and Lily bringing up the rear.
I really wanted to get a moving video of them but it kept coming out fuzzy.  This one Sam took but it still goes fuzzy in places.  It may be a bit too big a file to view; I find these technicalities a bit confusing.

Mum popped up this afternoon to tell me all about the Keeper of the Churchyard's incident with an apple tree - he is fine but may have a slightly dented fender!

The Lord of the Manor is lambing which seems a strange time of the year but has made me think it is time to start thinking about a ram for Stumpy and co (it will have to be a very big one to cope with the size they are!)  Sam is trying to time his lambing for half term (thank goodness!).


  1. The video of the babies is great...I love to watch them in high spirits....pitty about the electric wire, just a little hic-cup in the day to day runnings of an alpaca farm !.......Jayne

  2. Lovely video...the youngsters are looking great.

    As for the wire...our superior female brains don't cope well with repetative tasks Rosemary...that's why we loose our concentration!