Friday, 8 October 2010

Breezy fleece sorting

Rather a stiff breeze today which played havoc with my fleece sorting.  I put the sorting table in the barn to try to get a little shelter from the bales but it was still quite an effort at times to keep the fleece from blowing over to Turnworth!  Mum came to help so we managed to get almost everything sorted, just a little more to finish at the weekend.

Not quite sure what Mum was doing here but she is wearing her new jumper!

I looked forward to weighing Greeves this evening as I anticipated that it would be easier with the modified sling.  It was, but the weight was not good news - he appears to have lost 750g over two days.  He isn't feeding well but is lively so we will weigh again tomorrow and then have a rethink.

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