Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Pretty Prue!

Sorry about the spasmodic nature of the blog recently; we've been so tied up with planning various things recently that time seems to be flying by.  The weather is turning rather cold here - even a bit of frost this morning - and another field shelter is becoming a little urgent, as much to put the hay in as for anything else.

I thought I'd give you a picture of Prue this evening.  She has not been on the blog for ages and is my blue eyed white - and there is a long story behind why we have a BEW!  Prue is a bit of a loner who will never feed her babies anywhere near the other alpacas.  She sleeps apart from the herd and rarely interacts with the others.  She is also the easiest animal in the world to handle - lifting her feet to have them trimmed, practically laying down by herself to be sheared and never making a fuss about injections.  As other breeders will know, BEWs tend to be deaf - Prue may possibly be a little hard of hearing but her eyesight seems phenomenal.  It is hard to tell if she can hear as she is very placid and has never jumped or been spooked by anyone coming up behind her suddenly.  However, she does love her food and does not share!  She happily spits her way to the trough and is not prevented from eating by this, unlike everyone else!


  1. 'Pretty Prue'....a very apt name for her too......she's a very pretty girl.

  2. Prue looks so relaxed and calm....she looks a real sweetie.......a very calma alpaca....Jayne