Friday, 22 October 2010

Pedal Bin Liners

Bin cleaning - horrible job!  Once upon a time I used to use my old carrier bags to line the kitchen pedal bin - very hygienic, very easy but now, in my efforts to save the planet, I have seen the error of my ways and march into the supermarket armed with a mismatched selection of my own bags (unless I forget them of course).  This is fine but I no longer have bags to line the bin.  Everything, therefore, gets tipped into the bin where it festers away until someone empties it into the dustbin.  I then have to wash out the horrible mess in the bottom.  I would far rather be collecting alpaca poo but the bin was seriously needing attention  first thing before it crawled away on its own.

Fields then beckoned and I took a few photos.
The sky is beginning to look a little more wintry but this morning I was in a t shirt, it got quite warm.  Much colder now though and the log burner is roaring away.
Greeves continues to, very slowly, put on weight.  He rarely stops grazing but still looks a real baby to me.  He seems to have adopted Lily as his surrogate aunty as he is usually with her.
Thoughts are now tuning to weaning, not for Greeves though.  It is a job I hate; we're going to try something slightly different this year.  Instead of weaning all the babies together into a separate pen with Dobby as foster uncle (a job he did not enjoy last year) I am going to attempt to wean the boys and girls separately.  This is rather complicated as it will mean swapping a couple of the Mums round first to make it work.  That is the task for Sunday morning as tomorrow is Attempt to Mend the Mule Day.


  1. Weaning is....a stressful time, hope all goes well on Sunday and you get the mule fixed for tomorrow.......funny how you need just the thing that isn't working......a this time of year....not up here you wouldn't !!......I've had my ski-suit on !! and I'm no where near the piste !!......Jayne

  2. Will be very interested in hearing how the weaning experiment goes Rosemary!