Monday, 11 October 2010

Pot Belly Greeves

Greeves has put on weight again which I am pleased about but I am a bit concerned about his shape.  He is still bony on the backbone but his stomach seems very rounded.  We moved that group onto a fresh paddock on Sunday so it may be that the grass is a bit rich and long for him - he certainly never stops grazing.  He also managed a little cria camelibra this evening.  Carl gave it to him from his hand while I kept Lina and Flamenco occupied.  I think if I can get him to eat more of that morning and evening it might be better than his bottle which he still loathes!  I was worried Lina might not be pregnant after all as she still likes a neck rub so I got Carl to go over and try giving her a stroke - she bit him!  Think she may be okay still!
Lovely sunny day today which did not help my photographic skills.

The chickens again explored their new house, one goes up and down the ladder for most of her time, but they still did not want to go in there at night so we picked them all up and put them in - hopefully they will realise what it is for tomorrow.

It seems incredible but today it is a year since my Dad died.


  1. Your dad is obviously smiling on you with such a sunny day, hope the good memories come to the fore.

  2. Love your Chicken House! How many chickens do you have and do you let them out during the day?

  3. Thank you Sid and Pat - yes, good memories now!

    It's a very fine chicken house, Tree Hugger! We have 12 chickens now - we did have more but they are all ex battery hens and some didn't make it (and I accidentally ran one over in the Mule - which I feel very guilty about). They free range all day across 30 acres - and even that isn't enough for them as they also wander up the hill over our neighbours field. This is fine until it comes to laying eggs - which sadly they do everywhere and anywhere!