Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Weighing baby

Nice weather this morning and I started to whip through the task list . . . and then Carl appeared!  He had the  day off and his list started with putting up the new chicken house.  The old one's are rotten so the idea was to get them all into one house, they spread themselves between two at the moment, and give them a house that doesn't leak and flap in the wind.  This job involved me holding things and passing things and pushing things - all of which I did wrong!  This took most of the day and I had to sneak away and hide amongst the alpacas every now and again when he got moody.  It is now almost finished but not yet ready for occupation as it has to be positioned and weatherproofed.

Weighing Greeves has now become much better since we acquired a luggage weigher for £3.99 in the garage (can't remember who it was that suggested the idea but very good plan) - coupled with an old towel it works a treat - almost!!  It can get a little precarious at times.

I have just had the most wonderful time watching the cria charging round at breakneck speed - pronking and leaping.  To me the sight of an alpaca pronking is one of the funniest and most magical.  Mine do it most at dusk and they just look so happy.  Greeves joined in but stops when the others start to get a bit too rough, he is a lot smaller than they are.


  1. Your weighing looks just like mine. Top tip though, if you put a strap round the front of the neck it stops them from falling forward.

  2. Great idea, Debbie! Strap making tomorrow!

  3. Its a risky business...this weighing lark !...strong back required !! I no longer have the number 2 job for tasks...just got myself to fall out with !....thankfully I too can sneek off to see the alpacas !!..;-) ..Jayne