Thursday, 7 October 2010

Constructive Day

Quite a constructive day today despite a headache which has only just lifted.  I adapted the weighing sling on Debbie's advice and it is all ready to try tomorrow.  I also knitted an entire glove (I am just about to unpick half of it as I have discovered a dropped stitch which is creating a very attractive ladder) and have had a thorough check of all alpacas.  Most of them are slightly cleaner than they were - but not Greeves who has returned to his favourite spot under the hay rack and who now looks rather like a hay rack himself.  I managed to catch the back of Lily and Emily looking clean and watching the dog - before they had a good roll in mud!
Lambivac time is coming up so I now need to get that sorted and we are almost out of Camelibra - again!

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