Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The clutch arrived

The clutch kit did arrive so Carl fixed that and I saw the Bath and West disappear in to the great blue yonder - but no!  Carl has decided going would be a very good thing - so that is where we will be!  Luckily, this was decided before I ran over the pipe on the poo picker, yanking out of it's socket and causing much wailing and lamenting from both Carl and Sam.  They have now fixed it but I have strict instructions never to drive with it trailing behind me.

Sam is staying at home to look after the animals tomorrow - he is quite happy with that as long as I bring him back a present!  There shouldn't be any births yet, although Belinda still looks imminent.  Everyone in the girls' paddock has been tired today - Greeves was flat out -
As was Cassie, who is not a very tidy sleeper!
The boys though, were pretty lively - Barnaby Rudge is desperate to play with Greeves!


  1. Glad you getting to Bath & West...enjoy!

  2. Whoops, poor poover! Us girls only do things like this because we're already thinking about what we'll prepare for dinner, the ironing and lots more! It's called multi-tasking and it means we do,(not often mind!), get distracted!