Thursday, 5 May 2011

Preparing for a Visitor

I now have a delicious looking honey ring, a fabulous flan and a tempting fruit cake - Carl was very disappointed when I said he could not test them - Thank you GHN!

After a dodgy start to the day, involving an awful lot of rusty tin, things progressed swimmingly - but now I find I have achieved very little - Spike's suspected abscess looks bigger, the scab has come off the cut on Barry's shoulder and spraying it with wound plaster has made it look awful, Bert spat at me as I climbed the fence and Sam has "Unidentified, random pains" which looks like, so he says, he may not make school tomorrow.  Sock fluff and cat hair refused to be lifted and the kitchen walls are disgusting.  I have bags of unsorted fleece everywhere so I must now give up and have a bath with a P.G. Wodehouse for company!

Thank you for the kind comments on Greeves - sadly, he still looks like a cartoon character at the moment!

1 comment:

  1. Carl, I know how you feel!

    Alf,( getting more liberated by the day)