Saturday, 21 May 2011


Thank you for the comments on last night's blog.  Not September, Barbara, but Belinda is very odd and her 11 months is not up until on 9th July -  last year she went 361 days which could mean she would not have it until the beginning of August!! Can't be right! We first mated her on 12th June then she sat again on 25th July spat off and then sat again on 8th August!! If she had really taken first time she would be 341 days today but is that possible?  Has anyone else had an alpaca who has sat again - twice - but still been pregnant?

Only a quick blog today as we have been shearing - we were planning to do everyone else but the generator ran out of fuel and then we discovered the cans were empty - don't know who to blame for that!  It was all going so well with no nicks or traumas and Mother helping on the bagging up - never mind, tomorrow is another day!


  1. It will be interesting to see Rosemary. Is she a maiden?

    We have the same concern with Hoity Toity who behaved in a very similiar way to Belinda and she now looks too large for the date that she last sat.

    I have read of this happening but have no previous experience.

  2. We are questioning one of our girls, Ursula, at the minute.

    She took 1st time in 2009 and birthed accordingly in June. She was remated 24/7 and spat off for a month then sat again 22/8 so was remated, spat the next week and sat the following so we remated her again on 5/9.

    Two weeks later when we did our fainal spit offs for the year (not that we would remate that late) she sat so we thought she wasn't pregnant. Now it is time to remate she is not at all interested in the boys and spits like crazy!

    She did loose a lot of condition when feeding her first cria and it took her quite a long time to put it back on once we'd weaned him so she could have been growing a baby but she's not really looking pregnant, so who knows.

  3. Our alpacas are very jealous that yours have their coats off! We did shear ours ourselves one year, but they really didn't look very pretty and the fleeces taken off by the proessionals were much nicer to spin up without second cuts! We have ages to wait till our girls are due so it's lovely to share everyone elses excitement as birthing arrives...or doesn't!