Sunday, 15 May 2011

Glad I have no apples!

Carl and Sam were shearing today so we have all been rushing around chasing our tails - and Sam has the first of his exams tomorrow so it was early to bed for him.  Carl was impressed with one boy he sheared, saying it had a lovely fleece - according to him the really good fleeces come off differently. 

I have been attacking docks and buttercups.  Buttercups are my least favourite plant at the moment as they are do difficult to snip off with the John Deere - they seem to spring back and there never seem to be many less.  John Deere ride on mowers are a little addictive and I have to fight the desire that erupts in me to get stripes in the paddocks.  I tried to combat this by going in ever decreasing circles which has resulted in one paddock resembling a race track. 

And finally - the sight that met me when I returned from my John Deere race track - Smudge asleep in the fruit bowl!


  1. Smudge is looking quite delicious ! in the fruit bowl....I wonder if he has been dreaming of Buttercups......stripes in the paddocks....what ever next !.....strange grass pictures ! then it might be crop circles.....good luck with the exams Sam !.......Jayne

  2. Great picture, its amazing how they manage to squeeze into small bowls!! Know what you mean about the buttercups, its almost as if they lie down as you go over them and then jump back up behind you and laught at you!!


  3. Ah!..........Yes......Smudge.....! :).
    And does'nt a cat in a bowl look a lot better than a goldfish.....! :0).