Thursday, 12 May 2011

Love is in the air!

Very nice evening - no rain, not too warm - time for a couple of matings!  And Dude got his first mating of the year.  Emily was a little wary at first but I am afraid Dude was in no mood for messing about.  He was in the mood as he came down the track - orgling away, he knew what was coming!
Quick check to make sure everything was where it should be and get a leg reorganised - Emily and Dude are both in need of shearing and we ran out of time last weekend.  Once that was done Jed got going with Little Star - but I forgot a picture, have to do that tomorrow when we do the follow up.  Sam was too busy taking sheep pictures and he was on camera duty.  This is one of the two bottle feds - Limpit and Nonlimpit with their mum.

Everyone is now in their right paddocks happily eating or resting and we are about to enjoy a nice bit of venison - and a rest! 

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  1. Cool Dude looks like a very happy chappy there Rosemary.