Friday, 6 May 2011

Jayne has landed!

It has been a great day today!  This morning Mr Owl flew over bearing with him - Jayne from Zanzibar!  We have seen Jayne on her home territory several times but this was the first visit of Jayne to Westhill.  After a nice cup of tea we paid a visit to the sheep where Jayne fed Nonlimpit and I surepticiously sat on Two Tone to stop her having a rub on Jayne's back - not a pleasant experience when you are kneeling down as she tends to knock you over.  We then had a cuddle of Greeves and fed a bit of carrot to Bert and Flem, the others kept their distance a bit as I think their minds are more on their pregnancies.  In fact Jayne said she saw Flem's baby move - and I think I did to.  We had tour of the grounds and then a spot of lunch - the salmon quiche was delicious and very little was left (more on that later), the honey ring swiftly turned into a horseshoe but the fruit cake was left until tea time.

Then back to look at the boys and some of the fleece from this year's shearing - did make me seriously think about the future of one of them!  I fear Spike's lump is getting worse and the vet will be needed next week.  I have to say that when we opened Harry's flece even I was impressed with the colour - what I would call a real blue black and nice and long.  Dylan's undercarriage impressed - as usual!

We then got the other girl's down and I left Lina until last as I feared a spit explosion but she managed to restrain herself nicely.  Emily I was quite impressed with, I am toying with a black mating for her (more on that tomorrow).  Lily, of course, I am always proud to show off - whether people want to see her or not!  But by this time I feared Jayne might be becoming a little tired of alpaca viewing so we returned to the house for fruit cake.  Carl had now returned so it was more chat and then a trip over to see Dude.  Dude is a little frisky at the moment and spends a lot of his time sniffing the air - I think he wants girls - so Carl and Sam cornered him with the rope so Jayne could have a look.

Hope you had a good day Jayne, it was a tremendous honour to have a visit and be able to show you our herd!

When we took Jayne back to Wellground we managed a sneaky look at a  cria.  That is a little gem for a lucky new owner (I think it's Donna - congratualtions!).

And now we have RAIN!!  With a bit of thunder and lightining!  We still have a livestock trailer to prepare though as we have another visitor tomorrow - more news soon.

Oh - and the quiche - I asked Sam to put the rest in the kitchen while we returned Jayne - he did but did not cover it and I returned to find Smudge on the worktop with a great chunk in his mouth - purring!!

And - if there are any spelling mistakes - I am sorry, the spell check does not work and time is getting on!

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  1. Jayne says can I comment for her, she had a lovely day at Westhill. She says thank you.