Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Rained Off!

Very proud of Mother this morning - she drove up to visit!  This may not seem much but she has not driven for a good while now and, despite being a good driver, had lost confidence.  She has had a few refresher lessons and is doing well.

Sam had the dentist this afternoon where he was told off for not cleaning his teeth well enough - told off by the dentist, hope that has the desired effect!  Met The Keeper of the Churchyard in The Coop and then dashed back again to set to with more matings but rain stopped play!


  1. How odd! It didn't rain here.

  2. It's strange up on the hill!!

  3. Oh...we'd love to have some rain again...we had some last week but now it's hot and very dry again, so please send some our way!