Monday, 30 May 2011

PLEASE don't let it arrive!

It has been wet, misty and cold today - which has made the morning task of taking a couple of up to date photos of Barry Norton and Barnaby Rudge impossible.  They cooperated by charging around and play fighting but the best I got in the way of photos missed the photogenic moments!
Dylan (the brown looking at the camera) appears to have droopy ear syndrome!
Now I am heading upstairs to trawl my wardrobe in search of decent clothes - smart but casual with a relaxed country feel to them - as we might go to the Bath and West Show on Wednesday.  This last minute decision relies on the fact that the truck needs a new clutch so Carl can't shear Wednesday (his day off).  That last sentence might appear to make no sense whatsoever but it does - just means if the part arrives and he fixes the clutch, we can't go to the show!!

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