Sunday, 22 May 2011

Chasing our tails!

All go again today and not much time for sitting around alpaca watching.  I did take a few photos and as I was looking at them I realised that Greeves is actually growing.  He doesn't look quite such a baby anymore.  Here he is with Crispie and his Aunty Islay.
Belinda has been lying down and either sleeping or eating with the occasional roll.
I ended up wishing I was an alpaca as I have been hoovering, polishing and putting flowers in vases (definitely not normal behaviour for me!).  Carl has finished painting the house and is now finishing off some fencing - garden not field - it has been too windy to shear - we learnt our lesson on that one!
 No time to admire the view today!

Now we are off to Mother's who volunteered to cook dinner!

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  1. Greeves; obviously enjoying that fleece off and the sun on his back...amazing how they grow. Send some sun north please...can swap for some rain (keep the wind we have enough)!