Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A Visit from Ashdale Alpacas

The morning was spent poo collecting, John Deereing and pondering the little phrases you develop.  I had an email last night from a lady referring to her Monday Friend - a friend who comes on Mondays of course.  Carl is forever complaining in bed about my Book Hand - you probably don't want to know this but I read my book before sleep whilst lying down and one hand always gets cold where it is outside the covers holding the book - "Get your Book Hand off me!"  is Carl's usual last minute term of endearment.

Herman needed feeding today but I feel he may not end up as quite as large as he should be - the teatowel caved in on him and he lost half of himself on it - very difficult to release him from the teatowel so some of him ended up in the washing machine.

Si and Irene from Ashdale Alpacas came over this afternoon and it was very nice to see them.  We talked over plans and had a tour of the alpacas.  Very pleased that all their hard work is paying off and things are looking really good for them.  They have some great alpacas so I am not surprised there is so much interest in them.  I did take the camera but forgot to use it so tonight's photo is  alpacas going to bed rather that Irene and Si!

Little Greeves, looking very dirty from rolling - and, below, Cassie, Islay, Belinda (looking far more pregnant than she ought to), with Bert on the right.

And, incidentally, does any other blogger have the problem of the spell check only working when it wants to?


  1. Yes the spell check has some very strange ideas some time!

    Glad I'm not the only one with off white alpacas.

  2. I'm very impressed that Herman is still going!
    Will the tea-towel recover?

  3. Yes the spell check on the blog thing has a mind of it's own...I think mine just gets bored "oh no, not more talk about alpacas!"

  4. Spell check being American does have a problem with my Cumbrian expressions...was it having problems with Book Hand too!