Wednesday, 4 May 2011

I am the Greeves Fan Club!

Visit from The Grey Haired Neighbour this morning who sent me this very nice picture she took.  From the right - Crispie, Flem standing with Islay lying behind her.  Then lovely little Greeves (looking at the camera and scratching, Bert looking the other way and Cassie lying down at looking.  Behind in the other paddock are Prue and Lina with Carolyn and Emily lying down behind.  The Grey Haired Neighbour has now gone on a cake making mission in honour of The Great Jayne!

Greeves has me very overexcited at the moment - we had his fleece stats back this morning.  I know we have to be cautious on this one.  He has been near death's door at least twice and we must take into account that well known phenomena of starvation fineness (well, well known to all but me who only discovered it this morning!).  We really will not know what he is really like until next fleece sample and the current fleece has no hope for it due to the hay, seeds and probably even small colonies of pygmy tribes living undiscovered with in it BUT - there is hope!  His mean fibre diameter is 14.4 with an SD of 3.9 and 0.6 over 30 microns.  We have a lovely little tight packed graph all squashed up at the top of the page!


  1. Wow, 14.4 microns. Our finest ever was 14.7 Rosemary. But it was Greeves' father Wellground Close Encounter. Congratulations. Well done Greeves and Lina.


  2. That's some very impressive stats and he's a flighter so there is great hope; go Greeves!

  3. Great fleece stats Rosemary. Congratulations.