Friday, 27 May 2011

In need of a finger and a little lubrication!

I have just about recovered!  Thank you for the well wishes - I did think it might be serious but I met a cousin in Sturminster this morning and she said there was a stomach bug going round so I think I was maybe being a little melodramatic.  Carl said it was probably wind and I should eat more slowly and chew my food properly (not easy when your teeth are disappearing fast).

Today it was back to clearing a mammoth load of poo (from the fields!) and the sound of all this activity attracted The Scrap Man who made me jump.  He was impressed with my machine - mind you I think he also coveted the Fordson, and the Jalopy, and . . .  We had a long ranging conversation about alpacas, tractors, property, helicopters . . . whilst I clutched the Poo Picker pipe to my chest and tried to forget that I was wearing a tight T shirt with no undergarments!

Emily has now, I have probably said this before, been mated to Dude and she did spit off but neither mating nor spit off were that convincing so I had a little investigation with the aid of lubrication and hopefully the problem has been discovered and sorted - so another mating followed which went well - do it again tomorrow on the Two Day Thing.  This may have been the problem last year when we didn't get her pregnant - I didn't try that hard as I thought she might have been too young then.

Prue is spitting off well so I think there may well be a little Jed baby on the way there.  Little Star is also a pretty convincing spitter so I am off to have a shower shortly!

Sorry there are not photos but I will get some tomorrow.

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  1. Glad that the title does not refer to the solution to your ill had me going for a moment thou:0)