Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Lambs on the Loose!

Bit of a day today!  I have had the great sheep escape - and lost a chicken.  As I took the lambs their lunchtime bottles I saw Caedmon jumping around, rearing up and pacing along the fence looking worried so I charged up there as quick as the Mule would take me (which is not very quick at the moment as I will explain in a bit) only to find a large heap of feathers outside the alpaca and sheep paddock.  My chickens free range but generally they stay in first field - this one had ventured up past the sheep into the Drove and Caedmon was stuck in his paddock unable to help.  The sheep were also making a lot of noise and something did not look right.  One Ewe was obviously going frantic unable to find her lamb - then they all started baaing!  Then as I struggled over the fence I saw what had happened - the lambs were charging around second field - having jumped through the electric fence!  It didn't take long to discover the electric fence was not working and the lambs had taken advantage of this.  They were having a grand old time running in and out the electric fence whilst their Mum's howled!  Luckily everyone is bucket trained so they all rushed back into the race when they thought feed was on the way!  Electric fence now fixed.

The Mule is undergoing another mid life crisis - something is sticking out of the hub, which is weird.  Carl has not got time to look at it so I can use it - slowly - tomorrow and then I have to have an alternative, temporary, field vehicle - it won't look pretty but Sam has big plans for it!  It may be revealed tomorrow (depending how my trip to the dentist turns out!).

Today I and the cats have also had a caller - still out there peering in the door and crying now!

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  1. I too have 2 escaping lambs - I've given up trying to keep them in!