Friday, 20 May 2011

Due Dates

Day of cleaning today - house and paddocks - paddock cleaning is the best as I can spend lots of time taking a break and sitting with the girls.  Belinda's baby  was really lively this afternoon - but you can't catch that in a photograph!

If anyone would care to guess when she is due I would be very interested to hear as there is something which strikes me as wrong on the due date I have for her!  I have included a rear end picture!

The only really lively ones today have been Little Star and Lily who have been keen to drive the Mule (still in action, if slow).


  1. That is some bulge and bump...are you going to tell us you have her down for September:)

  2. She's teasing you...get you thinking it'll be any day, then she'll hold on till July!

  3. We had one girl like that last year, thought it was gonna pop out at any time, I didnt realise they could stretch out so much with out coming out!! But it kept bulging out and then disappearing!!

    Went on for a week!! But did eventually arrive!!

    Hope its not too much longer for you.


  4. You can see so much more once they've been sheared can't you. I've been trying to get Kate's bulges today, she's still got over two weeks to go if she lasts.