Monday, 9 May 2011

Making babies!

Jed's first date with a lady this evening!  He ate a hearty tea, we have sorted out the problem with the plastic drainpipe - apparently he is used to eaing from a hand made, finely sanded wooden bowl and, not having one of those, I found an old salad bowl I thought might do (much more his style!).  Jed is a forceful, yet romantic lover who whispers sweet nothings in his lady friends ears, having forced them manfully to the ground first!  His first date was Prue and at first I thought we were on a non starter but he was having none of that and Prue quite happily let him get on with it!  Prue is not my best looking female but she is mum to Barnaby Rudge who has what I think is a very nice fleece - waiting for the fleece stats to come back at the moment. 
All went swimmingly - with the young boys watching at a respectful distance (luckily Dude didn't realise what was going on).

Then when Prue went back into her paddock with the other girls Lina went wild.  She got Prue to the ground, mounted her, orgled so loud Dude heard from three paddocks away, got very aggressive with Emily who was trying to sniff Prue and spat all over the place!
She stomped, stropped and posed!

And kept blocking Carl from getting anywhere near poor Prue!

We'll be doing it all again tomorrow!


  1. Oh...Jed looks a bit of a romantic there!

    We are also having all kinds of changes within the dynamics of the groups, now that matings have begun!

  2. Please...a little privacy! Are you using Jed in the hope of some black or does he have other qualities you're seeking to passon to progeny?

  3. That is a very interesting question, Judi - I might blog the answer to that tonight!!