Sunday, 8 May 2011

Painted/not painted!

Yet another busy day and an early start.  Sam was in charge of everything here whilst Carl and I headed out to do a little assisting with foot trimming, condition scoring and handling - great fun and we were priveliged to  see a couple of delightful young cria.  When we got back we checked over the boys and sprayed the sheep against fly strike.  This was easy with Sam's in the race but for mine it meant creeping up on them with the gun behind my back and catching them unawares.

We have just had a mammoth downpour, which could not have come at a worst time as Carl had just put the first coat on the upstairs wall of the house - outside!  It has now all washed off into the water collection trough, not good and he is stomping a bit.  We also had a lot of rain in the night but none of the alpacas are any the worse for it and it has done the grass a great deal of good.  Jed is settling in well and spent a great deal of the afternoon sunbathing.  He was a bit wary of his feed trough which was obviously not what he is used to, but after a lot of sniffing and backing away, he tucked in and cleared the lot.  Watched closely by Harry and Dylan!

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