Saturday, 14 May 2011

Herman arrives and bubbles

Some rather upsetting news yesterday put a bit of a damper on the start of the weekend but animal tasks could not be put off so it was lambivac and body scoring for the alpacas, vaccinating and worming sheep - luckily we had a bit of help with the sheep as the SFS turned up on their way back from an alpaca auction near Dorchester.  The ex marine side of the SFS proved a dab hand at lamb wrestling although a lot of rugby style sliding seemed to be involved.  Sam's sheep were a lot easier as they went through the race.  Lady SFS brought me something called Herman.  Herman is white and bubbles and smells.  It has to sit in a bowl for a while and be fed and then after several days it gets cooked and becomes a cake.  The downside of this is I have to find some friends as part of the Herman has to be given away.

Carl is unhappy as he had to let Sam do the topping of top paddock because he had other things he had to do.  It is not that we have too much grass - just the dead bits needed to come off so it thickened up.  It has meant all the girls have had to go together for a while and they are not too happy about this. (Although in this photo they look perfectly content!  You can't see the others out of shot covered in spit and with droopy mouths!)

 Lina is jumping anyone who lies down (Can she really be pregnant?  She is still spitting off - maybe she just wants to dominate everyone after seeing Dude in action ?)  Zara is charging around pronking and really galloping with skid stops when  Dude looks at her. 

Greeves is fascinated with Cassie and tries to mount her - something he has no chance of achieving without a ladder.


  1. Poor day..he won't be needing a ladder....looks like he is starting to grow up....after all !!......Jayne

  2. Oh dear, now I'm worrying about what your upsetting news might be.

    Herman sounds like something I knew as German Friendship cake.
    You have to feed it like a ginger beer plant, then give a cup of the noxious mixture to ten friends (who will need some convincing), while keeping back enough gloop to turn into a strange flat fruit cake.

    In about a month's time, you'll be telling us that a seething mass has taken over your kitchen.........