Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A Day Out

A very good day out today at the Bath and West!

The weather was just right as it could have got uncomfortable if it had been any hotter.  First we met up with Lynn from TaiWind and were just looking at her team when along came Carol and Peter from Ashton Lane who had both succeeded in the casual yet smart  "I am equally at home with a field of alpacas or a Buckingham Palace Tea Party" Look - Something  I sadly failed at as I realised catching sight of myself in the toilet mirror (incidentally, I was fast becoming good friends with the Polish girl in charge of the toilets by Blue Entrance as I seemed to visit many times and she was always there cleaning - we reached the eye contact and smile stage by lunchtime).  I then bravely went to say hello to the Mighty Patou Male who was looking formidable with his show team (he did deservedly well).  I tried and tried to catch the attention of one of the Inca Team but they were very busy and I desperately wanted a close look at a black fleece - Lynn came to the rescue as she noticed me dithering around like a wet weekend and got Tim Hey's attention for me.  So I saw a lovely black fleece - thank you!  A black fleece and a white fleece seem to me to be different kettles of fish and we have not got enough black alpacas to really have much familiarity with what we should be looking for and I need to grab every chance I can to gain more understanding (well I need Lynn or someone helping me grab chances as I fear I am a little retiring in real life).
We spent most of the day  around the alpacas but made many sorties in between out  into the showground.  One thing not to miss is the sheep show by a New Zealand man - very, very funny  and informative - particularly the sheep dancing at the end (brilliant performance by the riverdancing Texel).

A great day but I have now come back to something of a poser.  The trouble with writing a blog most days is that you can make a real idiot of your self - and I think that is what I am about to do right now!  Flemenco - not 11 months until July looks imminent.  Really, I am not making it up - she does!  We'll see!

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  1. We have a female not due until August and I must be an idiot too because she really looks ready...far more ready than the other 2 due in July! In this case I really hope I'm wrong though as it's far too early!