Tuesday, 7 June 2011

A bit of wrestling from the girls!

The rain has started to do a little bit of good and things are looking marginally greener.
Everyone is a bit grumpy at Westhill - Carl has been doing too much, Sam has exams and the girls are big and uncomfortable.  Today Lina and Crispie had a  fight because they both wanted to lie in the same place!  It started with Lina coming to lie down almost on top of poor Crispie. (Lina on the right)
Then Lina got very aggravated as Crispie didn't immediately get up and move.
When rolling on top of her didn't work she tried kneeling on her - Crispie, normally the mildest of creatures who is easily pushed out of her spot, held firm and Lina went off in a huff!

Crispie is just too uncomfortable to be bothered with anything much!


  1. Great photos...hopefully, as you have not mentioned a reason why, you are grump free Rosemary!

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