Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Let me in!

Bert discovered the Mule held a bucket of food this morning.  Here she is leading Belinda astray!
After this she was desperate to get in the Mule for the rest of the day - despite the bucket being moved.
She even tried her, I'm so cute, look!

Dude ignored everything and just lay around.
Cassie has spent most of the day all on her own by the poo pile - maybe soon!


  1. Ohh...that is a very cute look Bert...I hope it was successful!

  2. I reckon Bert wanted a "go" on the mule!!

  3. Its great to be back !...I have missed all the goings on....!! Fantastic news about Sam's tractor test !......Im guessing you are still waiting for those babies !........like me...Jayne