Sunday, 5 June 2011

Rain, at last!

Too wet for photos today - but I am not complaining, we certainly needed it.  The water butts are all full and the alpacas look far more comfortable.  Well, apart from Carolyn who took at least 10 minutes trying to kush tonight, the baby was kicking like a little demon.  She's not due until July so there is a bit of time to go yet.  I was a bit chilly over in the fields but steam was coming from the noses of the alpacas who haven't been sheared yet so despite the rain I think they were still hot.  Dude does look more comfortable now though, Judi - hope your rain is as refreshing as ours is!


  1. Yes Rosemary, we too had fabulous gentle rain all day yesterday and it's a bit mizzly today...just what we needed but it looks like that's it! Still, it was the right sort of rain to do some good even if short lived! It was even a novelty to have to dust off my cag for poo-picking yesterday!

  2. Rosemary,

    I think I may have got around the comment issue. If you untick the leave me signed in box before signing in it seems to be okay.

    Just incase it does not work this comment is from Barbara x