Sunday, 12 June 2011


Today it rained - it really, really rained.  Carl and Sam had to cancel their shearing job and we had to light the wood burner in the end, it was that cold.  The alpacas were shivering but the wouldn't go into their shelters until this afternoon, they just lay around looking miserable.  I sat in the caravan keeping a close watch on Cassie and Crispie.  I had a good book and a thick jumper so all was going well until I heard a scratching from the cupboard.  I tried to ignore it but when it became accompanied by scurrying I left very quickly and fetched Carl from where he was dealing with the wasp nest.  A family of rodents had moved into the caravan via the battery compartment.  They had tunnelled their way up beneath the very seat I was sitting on, eating the carpet on the way.  All rest was therefore over as everything had to be removed, everything had to be hoovered, everything had to be washed, investigations had to be made of the surrounding area - including moving and looking behind everything.  I am now scared to go in there so got repeatedly soaked today.

The mower is almost fixed ready for haymaking when it eventually gets sunny again and Carl keeps muttering about Red Van Man already having cut, dried and baled his!

Sam and Carl have just returned from a second tour of the route to Sam's tractor test.  They met the Shepherd who is lending his tractor for the venture and now Sam is doubly nervous as he told him if he passes he can do the woofling for him this year - something that is a dream come true for Sam!  How he will get through tomorrow morning I don't know - I am planning a list of jobs to keep him occupied!