Monday, 27 June 2011


Phew!  We've had another one!
10am this morning Cassie looked a bit restless.
11am she took herself up to the second paddock leaving everyone else behind in first.
She then started walking backwards - this had to be a sign of imminent birth (unless Andy had been giving her secret dance lessons).  We then had rolling, groaning, straining and backward walking until 3pm.  Interspersed with sleeping or resting.

Finally a head appeared and at 10 to 4 out came a little boy - a lovely dark brown - into a rather overcast rainy day.  I sprayed him and put a coat on but he didn't want to get up so in the end I held him up to Cassie and after his first drink he was away - in a very tottery manner! 

Sun is now out and coat is off - just in time for the arrival of the shepherd to shear the sheep!

The Slink (despite some good suggestions, she just has to be Slinky) is very lively and getting very adventurous (she weighed 10kg last night) - Greeves is scared of her and runs away if she comes near!

So now we have two - The Slink -

And Tlbo (a temporary name - The Little Brown One!) -

No more yet - next we should have Bert whose 11 months are up next week, on Wednesday.


  1. Oh...lucky you..I was up and down all night....and no new arrival...I was convinced it was going to happen...early this morning !... funnily enough, one of my cats is called slinky ! You have two lovely babies......Jayne

  2. TLBO looks a little cutie!

    Ah that answered that one Jayne, I knew someone had a slinky but couldn't think who or what!

  3. Welcome, Little Brown One! What a darling!
    Slinky looks beautiful!

  4. Two lovely cria safely delivered...isn't a slinky one of those metal things that goes down stairs?! Best not tell her eh?! And Tiny Little Boy..OOOH!?

  5. TLBO is a cracking colour, nice one.

  6. Congratulations Rosemary...poor girl 10 am til nearly 4 pm that was a bit of a marathon!

    Another Slinky...EP Cambridge Slinky Minx was a Futurity auction female this year.