Thursday, 9 June 2011

Tapping is about to begin

Despite the fact that it has been intermittently raining all day and that we haven't finished shearing - thoughts are turning to hay making.  Carl has the mower in bits getting a bearing sorted, then the bailer needs a service, then the barometer is going to need daily tapping in preparation.  Inspection of third field is due tomorrow (not that we have time to bale yet anyway as we have lots of shearing booked in) - inspection of third field is bound to involve a lot of tutting, picking blades of grass and staring skywards (none of it of any real value as what we will really do is look out the lounge windows and wait for signs of anyone else baling!).

I have mostly been alpaca watching today but I did manage to clean out the chickens and somehow allow my sheep to escape.  Trying to get Stumpy back was a bit of a nightmare as she is like an unstoppable steam roller coming towards you at full pelt with ears flapping in the breeze!  They are now all safely back in with extra strengthening on their gate which they appear to have pushed open somehow.

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