Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Give us a vowel, Carol

Thank you for the comments yesterday - why am I suddenly typing in italics?  You (ah!  that's better - normal typing!) may have noticed yesterday that Tlbo's ears were a bit floppy - they have now been taped and he looks rather like a Lufthansa jet coming in to land!  I cut up a sweet pea pot into an ear shape and taped it to the inside of his ear with insulation tape (I could only find red).  He didn't mind this and nor did Cassie so hopefully when it comes off in three days - he will be fine.
He does look a bit cross though!  The name Tlbo is has stuck but, as Carl says, it lacks a vowel!  So he has to be renamed - Squadron Leader is my current favourite!

Slinky is very lively and seems to enjoy dashing between the two paddocks and giving her Mum a heart attack at the same time.  She soon shoots back to Mum though when something frightens her!
Shame I got so much purple spray all over her but I am worried about having another Matchless problem (he died last year) so I am spraying liberally and dipping in Iodine.  A bit overkill I know but I am not taking any chances.  Tlbo keeps himself to himself much more at the moment but Slinky is getting acquainted with every one else and seems to have taken a bit of a shine to Lily.

In between cria watching we did a spit off for both Prue and Little Star - both spat - and then attempted a mating for Sherbert.  She has had all her medications and sat immediately - then we hit a snag, luckily!  We decided to try Alf - our young white suri.  He was very keen and got on, orgling crazily but despite knocking on the door he couldn't seem to wiggle into the right place!  Everytime we tried to help it disappeared!  Sherbert eventually got fed up with this young boy and gave him a look which said, "I need a man, not a boy!"  We decided to leave it for a day and then when I got home I was reminded Alf is, due to my stupidity several years ago, registered as listed non breeding.  Presumably if he did sire a cria we couldn't register it so we will have to think again.


  1. Tlbo does look a little cross...with his ears taped up.....in a cute sort of way.....nice to see both the babies doing well.....Jayne

  2. Love the name Squadron Leader...suits him, especially with the red ear tape!

    Is it worth checking with BAS, as you both registered and own Alf, if you can upgrade him to Business Class (assuming he learns the business)!

  3. Tlbo looks gorgeous, what a pretty colour too! Why not just add a vowel..Tilbo? Yes, that purple spray does make a mess on the whites doesn't it but better safe..!