Sunday, 26 June 2011

This is Great!!

Such an exciting day - it has been wonderful - my first cria of the year!  Last night we went out to check the girls as it got dark and Crispie looked really uncomfortable but not as if it would be in the night.   I thought it might be today so got a flask and the knitting ready.  When I let the chickens out she was grumbling but still with all the others and lying normally but, after a quick return to get the dog, I settled in the Mule and prepared for a bit of a wait.  Apart from the grumbling she showed no real signs until about five minutes before when she got up and strained a bit and then had a mammoth roll.  Baby was born, quickly and easily, at 10 past 11.  Within 10 minutes it was up and luckily I caught her (it's a girl) straight away to spray the navel as she then zoomed round the field with Crispie moaning along behind her.  Afterbirth was soon out  - only problem was baby took ages to suckle - she tried everywhere but the right place and I couldn't catch her to give a hand.   Finally, she managed, by going under Crispie's tail between her back legs!   I am so pleased with her, Carl and Sam haven't seen her yet as they are shearing at Irene's.  I hoped and hoped it would be a girl and a solid white - that is all I wanted.  Crispie is a Suri but not a wonderful one so we mated her to Dude as a little experiment - and I really am very pleased.  She is so bright - better put a photo in at this point!
She was born at 337 days and looks big and strong but I am waiting for Carl to get back so I can weigh her.  She has spent all day enjoying the bright sun.

 - with Mum always by her - you can just see Crispie's nose at the top of the photo!  What is, I think - but it is a bit early to tell- brilliant is that she appears to have lovely little locks coming already.  I never thought we'd manage that!  Tonight I am going to try to find  Alf's baby picture (her half brother) and Lily's and see how she compares.  If you squint you can just see some little locks starting to twist in her very first fleece shot!

I have just eaten an entire lemon drizzle cake in my excitement and feel a trifle sick!  Brilliant!!!!!!
Oh!  And a name!  The Wise Woman has suggested I name her after a potato - - which is a possibility! - but I am tentatively calling her The Slink (slinky for short) as she is so silky feeling.  Mind you, Carl hasn't had his say yet!  Oh, I love it - who will be next?!!


  1. Congratulations, she looks a lovely girl. I love it when we a suri birth, their fleece is so silky. Is this a Suri/huacaya mating? ....... Ginnie

  2. Wonderful news, Rosemary, and what a gorgeous summer's day to choose!

  3. Yes it is Ginnie. Probaly not what you are really supposed to do but we had trouble getting Crispie pregnant the year before last and so last year I didn't want to keep having to get a stud back for her so we thought we would try Dude with her to just get things back on track - but it seems it may have turned out well - I hope!!

  4. She looks very bright, it will be interesting to see how she developes. Keep the photo's coming.

  5. Congratulations Rosemary...Glad it was plain sailing...she 'locks' lovely!

  6. Rosemary...if you have loads of comments from me....Im having trouble commenting on your blog....Congratulations...on your beautiful new arrival......its rather exciting.....isnt it !...I think I might have another baby early morning......;0)......Jayne

  7. Gorgeous! Congratulations on the new's making me even more excited as I wait for ours to arrive! Doesn't look as though she allowed you much time to get on with that knitting though!!

  8. That's very interesting, as I have one of my Huacaya girls mated to our Suri male. I have been reading up about it, it can depend on what type homozygous or heterozygous

    Alpacas all fall into three groups:
    ss=huacaya Ss=heterozygous suri (carries a huacaya gene) SS=homozygous suri (pure).

    So according to our Suri studs record he is a SS-Homozygous, so in theory should always produce Suri offspring. We will just have to wait and see.

    Our girl is black and the male is dark fawn so we are hoping for a nice bit of colour. I know some people wont agree with this breeding, but if we are lucky to get a girl we will then mate her with a SS=homozygous suri (pure) male to get her offspring back to a pure suri.(well thats the theory - we will have to wait and see)I find it all very interesting.