Saturday, 4 June 2011

Hard at Work

After last night's hilarity - and rather awful blog photo, sorry, we were back to some normality today.  Lots of paddock maintenance - which involved much driving around on the John Deere attacking docks and the odd nettles, Poo Picking everywhere, cleaning water containers (water is reaching critical level now as both butts are almost empty - as is Billy).  The alpacas have mostly been lying around watching all this activity.  Here's Flemenco looking over her shoulder.
Dude is now far too hot and over fleeced even though we gave him a second shear in August last year.  Sadly, Carl and Sam have no time to shear him until one evening next week - ah well, looks like it could possibly rain tonight!

Sam is developing a new line in pet sheep and has been busy halter training the lambs - he's not doing too badly but it does look rather funny!

The lambs are all growing well - even George's twins are looking quite big.

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  1. Well maybe Dude is more comfortable today...we have gentle rain so hope you do too...perfect and I just can't wait to get out in it!