Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Going well

We have a name - Squadron Leader Tilbo (not sure what the i stands for but we had to have a vowel, Judi!).

Today much time has been wasted in watching the two of them.  Slinky is adventurous and charges around sniffing at everyone - she now weighs 11kg so is doing fabulously!  Tilbo is still a bit sleepy but has lots of mad bursts of energy in between.  Zara follows him around constantly and chases Slinky away if she comes near - Zara isn't his Mum, Cassie is and she is very laid back about it all!  Greeves was scared stiff of them yesterday but today has been having tentative sniffs at Tilbo - Slinky is far too lively for him!

Sam and I have also prepared the barn for the hay which we are hoping to start cutting soon. 


  1. 'Intelligent', obviously!

  2. Or "ideal", "interesting"...etc See how he turns out and maybe an appropriate adjective will arrive!

  3. Watching cria as they explore and play is priceless.