Friday, 17 June 2011

A visit from the vet

More rain today!  Sorry, no photos as it really has been horrid - weather wise.

Despite the rain we had a lot to do.  First was the visit from a very nice vet we hadn't met before.  Father Dougal looked at Sam's sheep with bad eyes and suggested we separated them with their lambs from the rest of the flock.  The Orbenin treatment was right and two are clearing but the other we must have caught too late so that one had to have an injection under the eyelid.  Hopefully they should all gradually recover but it may take a little time.  In cattle the infection is called New Forest Eye and the bacteria can be passed in the uterus before they are born where it lays dormant.  Think I have got all that right!  It is highly infectious and the vet, much to Sam' delight, said to top their paddock as their is lots of long grass which the infection could transfer onto.  He did not need telling twice!

We then had a look at Sherbert, the Suri who I have not been able to get pregnant since she had Lily 2 year ago.  She had an injection of Estrumate and then, once she is receptive, she'll get antibiotics once a day for 6 days with Oxytocin from days 1 to 4 - mating on day 5.  Sounds like fun!!  Luckily Sherbert is the most laid back alpaca around - she just stands there chewing and gazing up from under her fringe!

It was very interesting the way the vet did the inter muscular injection for Sherbert - I missed it as I was holding her but Sam said he put the needle in first and then attached the syringe with the stuff in it.  Why?  What is the advantage, does anyone know?

No babies of course but I shall go over and check all is well in a minute.  I then have to get some clothes and sandwiches sorted out for tomorrow as we are off on an jaunt with Irene an Si from Ashdale Alpacas- more on that tomorrow!  Sam will be home alone and in charge - birthing kit at the ready!


  1. Usually they inject horses like that...normally done this way, to make sure you don't hit a vein, if you did you would know, obviously no blood then its ok to administer the injection ! I assume its the same for other animals too !!...its nice to know that you have managed to help the sheep babies yet !! neither....!!.........Jayne

  2. Hope you are successful with Sherbert. We had a similar exercise with one of our girls!