Thursday, 16 June 2011

Baby thoughts

Rain!  Lots of it!  We do need it and it is doing good so I mustn't grumble. 

Thoughts are now properly turning to babies as Crispie is 330 days on Sunday and that is when she had her last cria.  Cassie is 335 next Wednesday.  I have to say Belinda still looks far more pregnant than anyone else.  Well, apart from Bert who isn't 335 days until 7th July and looked as if she was about to have it this evening! (I know her nails desperately need cutting - she is having  them done at shearing - for all she loves to be stroked, she does not like her feet done!)

I have a visit from the vet tomorrow morning - I am afraid The Vampire Vet is on a course so he can't come but never mind.  His reason for visiting is to check out the sheep eyes.  We have had a problem with two of Sam's sheep - they have suffered before and a three day course of Orbenin cured it but this time it is not responding and one, Jordan's mum, looks like she is going blind.  I told Sam to get advise from The Shepherd but he won't - I think he is a bit embarrassed that it has got so bad.  Hopefully, the vet will be able to sort it out tomorrow.  I also want to get some help with Sherbert who I couldn't get pregnant last year and am having the same problem with now.  A combination of Estrumate, Excenel and Oxytocin has been suggested over a six day period so I will ask about that.
Today Carl and Sam have been shearing, we didn't think it would come off but with luck and the aid of a poly tunnel they managed!  I have spent the morning (well an hour of it) at the hairdressers and the rest of the day hiding in the field due to visitors at the house.  Unfortunately I took my car over to the fields and  I fear it is now stuck in the mud!  Carl may need to tow me out later!  Sam is desperate to find a job which requires taking the tractor on the road.  He almost managed when he discovered some things that needed transporting to the field from the house but I put my foot down.  He may have passed his test but I am not letting him anywhere near the road until he has had some advanced driving tuition with his Dad!  I can't get over the fact that the first time you go on the road in a tractor is on your way to the test!  It took me many, many hours of driving lessons before I managed to pass - and four attempts - mind you I think Sam is already a far better driver than I am but he lacks experience.


  1. Its rather exciting ......with the babies due...we are on day 331 looks like their due round about the same time.....if you're anything like'll be watching a hawk !!.....Jayne

  2. Glad that you've had some 'visitors', Rosemary.
    Fingers crossed.